Institute of Life Sciences and Technology

The Madhya Pradesh Biotechnology Policy 2003 promulgates inter-alia expansion of opportunities for Biotechnology education & research for industry, farmers and community level services. Good education and training are the foundations for application of new knowledge to the benefit of society. The Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) is committed to establish a world class Institute devoted exclusively to higher education and research in the area of the life sciences and technology.Institute of Life Science and Technology (ILST) is envisaged to be a world class Institute for teaching and research in fields of genomics, bioinformatics, medical biotechnology, and other frontier areas of life sciences. The ILST shall be a nodal center of excellence for furthering multi-disciplinary efforts in biology-related areas addressing both the fundamental and applied aspects of life sciences. It will foster a global outlook, yet at the same time be firmly rooted to the reality of Indian heritage. With a large base of skilled and cost competitive scientific knowledge workforce through creation of the ILS&T, easy availability of raw material such as plants and animals, and human genetic diversity, and a well-conceived scientific infrastructure with strategic networking along with research laboratories, development of the ILS&T can enable Madhya Pradesh state to gradually become a leading player in Biotechnology. 
The Madhya Pradesh Biotechnology Council, the nodal agency for the development of the Biotechnology sector in the state of M.P. is in the process of development of this Institute. Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the establishment of this institute has been prepared by M/S Mahindra Consulting Engineer Limited (MACE), Chennai.