Biotechnology Research


Biotechnology is a branch of applied biology where manipulation of living cells is done to produce products or processes beneficial for mankind. This can only be achieved by active research in diverse areas of life sciences by applying the Bio techniques. With this view, the M. P. Biotechnology Council is sanctioning research projects in manifold areas of Biotechnology which culminates in productive outcome for the State.

Madhya Pradesh is treasured with rich flora, fauna, prolific soil, ethnic tribe and diverse climatic zone. These natural resources can be exploited for the sustainable development and economic upliftment, also they need to be conserved for the future. So, for the development of the State and promulgation of Biotechnology oriented research work the Council has a mandate of funding the research projects. The research projects should provide momentum to the economy by fulfilling the objectives of the Biotechnology policy of the Government of M.P.




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